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U.S. K-1 Fiance Visa Cost

Introduction to U.S. K-1 Fiance Visa Cost

The U.S. K-1 Fiance Visa cost specifically contains three different categories:

  1. U.S. Government Fees
  2. Application Preparation
  3. Other Expenses

The U.S. K-1 Fiance visa cost information that we provide herein is current as of the post date.  We will try to keep this information current.

U.S. K-1 Fiance Visa Cost- Government Fees

Fees Paid StampThe following are the government fees, as of December 2016, to obtain a K-1 Fiance Visa:


Filing Fee                                                              $535


Embassy Fee                                                       $265

                         Total Government Fees       $800

USCIS is proposing to reduce the Filing Fee to $520.

Understanding the initial K-1 Fiance Visa Government Fees

Firstly, the USCIS filing fee of $535 is sent along with the I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiance. That being the case, the USCIS filing fee is paid by either U.S. bank check or money order.

Secondly, the embassy fee of $265 is paid toward the end of the process.  For this purpose, the embassy tells you in a letter your options on how to pay the fee.

Adjustment of Status Fees

The Adjustment of Status is the process of changing from a K-1 Visa to a Legal Permanent Resident. Also, you receive your green card as part of the Adjustment of Status. This is done soon after you marry. In addition, you should apply for Employment Authorization and Advanced Parole at the same time as adjustment of status.

See our”Now that you are in the USA- K-1/K-2 Fiance Visa” webpage for more information on Adjustment of Status. Click here for the USCIS I-485 (Adjustment of Status webpage).

The fees for adjustment of status are summarized below:

Adjustment of Status Fees (after Marriage)

USCIS Filing Fee                                                 $1,140

Biometrics Fee                                                          $85

Total Adjustment of Status Fee                    $1,225

USCIS is proposing to change the total adjustment of status fee to the following:

  • $1,205 if filing only adjustment of status.
  • $1,610 if filing adjustment of status and employment authorization at the same time.
  • $2,195 if filing adjustment of status, employment authorization and advanced parole at the same time.

Employment Authorization Document

Employment Authorization Document (EAD) allows you to work legally in the USA before your green card arrives. If you apply for an EAD, Form I-765, at the same time as your Adjustment of Status, then the EAD fee does not apply. As shown above USCIS is currently proposing to eliminate the free I-765 with an I-485.

Advanced Parole

Advanced Parole (AP) allows you to re-enter the the USA if you travel abroad before your green card arrives. If you apply for an AP, Form I-131, at the same time as your Adjustment of Status, then the AP fee does not apply. As shown above USCIS is currently proposing to eliminate the free I-131 with an I-485.

 Removal Of Conditions Government Fees

Remove ConditionsIf you receive a two-year green card from your adjustment of status, it is a conditional residence green card because you have been married less than two years. There are additional government fees for the Removal of Conditions.  In fact, apply during the 90 days before your second anniversary as a conditional resident. The expiration date on your green card is also the date of your second anniversary as a conditional resident.

The fees specifically for the Removal of Conditions are summarized below:

USCIS Filing Fee                                 $595

Biometrics Fee                                      $80

Total  Fees                                           $675

USCIS is proposing to increase the removal of conditions fee to $680.

Total K-1 Government Fees

Based on the fees above, the total government fees as part of a K-1 Fiance visa is $2,695.

U.S. K-1 Fiance Visa Cost- Application Preparation

The following typical U.S. K-1 Fiance Visa cost information for application preparation is dependent upon on the application preparation that you choose.:

  • Self Preparation                     $0
  • Visa Consultant                      $450 – $1,500
  • Immigration Attorney          $1,500 – $3,000

Self Preparation

Completing the applicationObviously, self preparation is the least expensive application preparation cost at $0 as you do it on your own.  Therefore, if you can do it, save on application fees by doing the visa application yourself. Our site provides guides and recommendations for self preparation including our K-1 Fiance Visa USCIS Phase, NVC Phase, Embassy Phase, and Port of Entry Phase web pages. We also have a web page for K-1 Now that you are in the U.S. If you are a well-organized person, can research and learn the visa application process, are good at filling out forms both paper and on-line, then you may be able to self prepare the visa application for your beneficiaries.  However, if not, you should consider using a visa consultant or immigration attorney.

Also, Lovevisalife has a personal service where we do guidance and review to help you self-file. Regarding our service, we give all our guides, answer unlimited questions via Messenger, review all of your self-prepared documents before you send them in, and guide you through the NVC and embassy phases too. In fact, we do all this for only $90.

If you would like to know more about our personal services, see our Personal Support Page.

Visa Consultant

In addition to self-filing guidance, LoveVisaLife prepares full I-129F petition packages. For this purpose, we prepare the complete petition ready for your signature and submission to USCIS.

Even more amazing, we do this for a low cost of $350.

If you would like to know more about our I-129F petition package services, see our Personal Support Page.

Immigration Attorney

If you want to use an immigration attorney, we suggest looking online or through local connections.

U.S. K-1 Fiance Visa Cost- Other Expenses

Other items to consider in the U.S. K-1 Fiance Visa visa cost include the following:

  • Medical Fee $60 – $300 (Depending on the country). For this purpose, check the foreign embassy website to see the medical facility for that country. Then, go to their website and look up the cost and other information.  Also, see our blog post “What to Expect at your K-1 or IR-1/CR-1 Visa Medical Exam” for more information on your K-1 Fiance Visa medical exam.
  • Costs for obtaining evidence (birth certificates, ect…)
  • Passport size photos (Petitioner, Spouse and Children)
  • Travel costs. For example, are you going to go to your spouse’s interview?  Therefore, you need airfare.  Likewise, when you spouse come to the U.S., they will need a plane ticket.
  • Specific requirements of the spouse’s foreign country.
  • Postage.
  • Passports (for both beneficiaries and Petitioner). Also, see our blog post “US Passport- First Time or Renew Existing Passport to See Loved One Overseas“for more information on getting your U.S. passport.
  • Visa, if applicable, for U.S. Citizen to enter the spouse’s foreign country. In addition, see our blog post “Foreign Visa for US Citizens Visiting Loved One Overseas” for foreign visa requirements.
  • Translation of documents into English, if necessary
  • Lodging. Lodging is a must when your spouse lives too far away from the embassy or medical facility.  Therefore, a hotel is needed for their appointments.