K1 EAD/AP Processing Time

K1 EAD/AP Combo Card Processing Time

EAD/AP Combo Card Processing Time Introduction

EAD/AP Combo Card Processing Time

Many K1 Fiance Visa holders want to know their K1 EAD/AP combo card processing time. In other words, they want to know their I-765, Application for Employment Authorization processing time 2020. In the same way, they want to know their I-131, Application for Travel Document processing time 2020.

With regards to the I-765, Application for Employment Authorization (EAD) and I-131, Application for Travel (Advanced Parole or AP), most K-1s submit these applications with their I-485, Adjustment of Status application. For more information on applying for AOS, EAD, and AP, see our blog post, K1 Adjustment of Status Checklist USCIS Form I-485.

The EAD, or work permit provides authorization for employment in the United States for a specific time period. The AP provides permission to reenter the United States after traveling abroad without jeopardizing the non-immigrant’s status.

EAD/AP Combo CardFor applicants who apply for AP together with an EAD, USCIS issues an EAD/AP combo card. For example, in the EAD/AP combo card show, its says both:

  • Employment Authorization, and
  • Serves as I-512 Advance Parole.

Normally, the EAD/AP combo card arrives several months before the green card.

Because K1s have a non-immigrant visa, they cannot work without an EAD or green card. In addition, they cannot re-enter the USA without Advance Parole or a green card either.

As a result, K1s typically become bored and worry when the EAD/AP combo card will arrive. In fact, this wait causes a lot of stress for K1s adjusting status.

Therefore many want to know the EAD/AP combo card processing time. In fact, they want the latest statistics on the I-765, Application for Employment Authorization processing time 2020.

As a result of reading this post, you gain the knowledge to find your EAD/AP combo card processing time 2020 on your own. Then, you have the resources to accurately estimate when you get your EAD/AP combo card processing time.

Green Card Processing Time

In addition, you probably sent your I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status at the same time as your I-765 and I-131. As a result of the I-485, USCIS issues a permanent resident card or green card, if approved.

For the purpose of determining this processing time, see our K1 Adjustment of Status Processing Time blog post.

Where Does My EAD/AP Processing Take Place?

In order to help you understand your EAD/AP combo card processing time, it is best to explain the EAD and AP review process.

Furthermore, it is beneficial to explain the place where this process takes place.

Filing AOS, EAD and AP Application

As we state in our checklist, you mail the I-485 along with the I-765 and I-131 to the USCIS Chicago lockbox.  Subsequently, the lockbox scans your application, processes your I-485 payment and sends the application to the National Benefits Center (NBC).

As a result, NBC does the review and approvals of EAD and AP applications.

If your AOS, EAD and AP applications have been properly filed, USCIS respond by mailing you notice letters that confirms receipt of your applications. The receipt letters are formally known as Form I-797C, Notice of Action. Usually, these notices usually arrives between 2-4 weeks after filing. In fact, you receive one per application.

EAD/AP Review

NBC does preliminary reviews of applications that require an interview at a USCIS Field Office.  Because, all K-1 adjustment of status applications require an interview at a local USCIS field office, NBC does this preliminary review on all I-485 applications. As a result, your I-765 and I-131 are done at NBC as well.

If evidence is missing, the NBC issues a Request for Evidence (RFE).

Receiving You EAD/AP Combo Card

If your I-765 and I-131 is approved, USCIS mails your EAD/AP combo card to you. If they deny your application, USCIS mails a notice explaining the reasons for the I-765 or I-131 denial.

In fact, it takes approximately 3-6 weeks to receive the EAD/AP combo card after approval.

Once you have your EAD/AP combo card in hand, you have an official authorization to work. In addition, you have advance parole to re-enter the United States when traveling abroad.

How to Determine My K1 EAD/AP Combo Card Processing Time

To return to the subject of your K1 EAD/AP combo card processing time, lets get right to the point. Likewise, this method gives you the most up to date K1 EAD/AP combo card processing time 2020. In fact, this is only an estimate of your K-1 Adjustment of Status processing time because USCIS provides a only range in months.

For this purpose, go to the USCIS Check Case Processing Times webpage. Then,  select “I-765 Application to Employment Authorization” from the first drop down menu. Next, select National Benefits Center as your service center from the second drop down menu.

Check Case Processing Times I-765 NBC

As a result, the website provides the I-765 Application to Employment Authorization processing time estimate for NBC. Likewise, this is your K1 EAD/AP combo card processing time.

EAD AP Combo Card Processing Time Result

For this purpose, use the result that says, “based on pending I-485 Adjustment of Status Application”. As you see in this case, the I-765 processing time estimate is 5.5 to 7.5 months. To explain, this includes the time from the date USCIS receives your I-765 application. In other words, the time frame includes the time at the lockbox and NBC.

USCIS bases it’s I-765 processing time estimate range on data it captures approximately two months prior to updating the page. Therefore, it is the best I-765 processing time 2020 available.

In addition, USCIS provides a receipt date for a case inquiry for cases outside the normal processing time. Therefore, if your NOA1 date is before the date listed, you may submit a case inquiry. In order to submit a case inquiry, go to the USCIS e-request webpage.