About LoveVisaLife- Kevin & Lea’s Story

About us.

About LoveVisaLife

Our Mission Statement

We are here to help you succeed in a long distance or overseas relationship in dating, engagement and marriage;

provide travel information;

provide shopping recommendations;

navigate the U.S. Visa and Immigration System;


give advice on your new life together

as a new family in the USA.


Who are We

Kevin & Lea


Welcome and About Us

Hello and Mabuhay!!!!

We are Kevin & Lea. It is nice to meet you.


If you have come to our site, then you are probably in a long distance relationship and maybe an overseas relationship.  In fact, you are probably a U.S. citizen in a relationship with someone from a foreign country. On the other hand, are you the significant other from a foreign country in a relationship with a U.S. Citizen? Likewise, we are here to help you too.


Kevin is a U.S. citizen from beautiful State of Vermont. First of all, he works as a Civil Engineer in the specialty of water resources. Kevin is an outdoor enthusiast. For example, he loves spending time with family and doing outdoor things like fishing, hunting, hiking, swimming and exploring.  In addition, Kevin loves sports and is a New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox fan. Finally, Kevin is always excited in learning about history and cultures.  He loves exploring historic sites.

Also, Kevin volunteers at the local food shelf in Starksboro, Vermont for his part in community service.

In addition, Kevin was also a member of the U.S. Army Reserves for 14 years within the Army Corps. of Engineers. However, he is retired now from the Army.


Lea is originally from Lipa City, Batangas in the Philippines. First of all, she is a mom to our wonderful little boy. In addition, she is an amazing wife and friend.

Lea has a background in manufacturing. For example, she previously worked for 17 years for a large international printer manufacturer in the Philippines.

Lea is now a Conditional Permanent Resident of the U.S. Furthermore, she now works in manufacturing for a cosmetics manufacturing company in Vermont.

Lea loves spending time with family.  In fact, she also loves outdoor things like fishing, hiking, and swimming. additionally, Lea loves to cook and to learn new things to cook. In particular, we love to cook together showing each other how to make Filipino and American dishes.

Our Website and Blog

This website and blog is our story. First, we talk about how we met through on-line dating. Secondly, we tell how we fell in love. Most importantly we discuss how to succeeded in a long distance relationship.

Additionally, we discuss how we met in real, got engaged, and married in the Philippines.

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Furthermore, we discuss how we navigated the U.S. Visa process. As a matter of fact, the process tests the long distance relationship again.  Our guides and recommendations helps through this.

Finally, we provide examples and advise on how we adjusted to our new life together in the United States. Specifically, our advice includes family, career, health, education, finances, and recreation.

We have learned a lot about each other and the process. First, understanding each other and our cultures. Secondly, marrying in the Philippines. Thirdly, the process and wait in obtaining a U.S. Spousal Visa. Finally, adjusting to our new life in the United States.


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Our Mission

Through our website and blog, we give back stories and advice to others. Particularly, important things that we experienced and learned along the way. We truly like to help people with advice and recommendations for the following:

  • Love
    • Dating
    • Engagement
    • Marriage
  • Visa (Navigating the U.S. Visa system)
  • Life (including Adjusting to your new life in the USA)
    • Family
    • Career
    • Health
    • Education
    • Money
    • Recreation and travel
  • Shopping Recommendations
  • Travel Recommendations

In particular, our experience includes, navigating the U.S. CR-1 Spousal Visa for Lea and a CR-2 Visa for our son.

We used a visa consultant. Rapid Visa.  As a matter of fact, we highly recommend Rapid Visa for your Visa Consultant. In fact we explain in detail through our site how Rapid Visa helped us so much.

A picture of us at the Rapid Visa office in Manila after Lea Passed her Spousal Visa Interview.

Lea, our son and I at Rapid Visa’s office in Manila after Lea passed her Spousal Visa interview.

However, we were also very involved in the application process to better understand the process. In addition, by better understanding the process ourselves, we helped get our visas in the shortest time possible in order to be reunited.

In order to now help others, we share our knowledge and information needed to succeed.


LoveVisaLife does not provide any legal advice. In fact, do not construe this site as an opinion for legal advice.  Likewise, we are not a law firm nor lawyers. Hence, we only provide user advice based on our experiences. If you feel that you need expert legal advice, we recommend that you use Legal Match.

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