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Information on adjusting to your new life in the U.S. including Family, Career, Health, Education, Money Matters, and Recreation.

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Pay Stub- Guide For New U.S. Immigrant Workers

Pay Stub Introduction Today we want to help new U.S. immigrants working in the United States to understand their pay stub. Remember, K-1 Fiance Visa holder must apply for and obtain an Employment Authorization...

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Gardening for New Immigrant Families to USA

Why do Gardening as a New Immigrant Family New families starting out together for the first time in the U.S., specifically need things to do together.  Moreover, doing things together helps foster the new...

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Establishing Your Family Financial Budget

One of your first priorities as a new couple in the U.S. should be to establish and understand your new family financial budget. Make sure that you take a few days to rest and...