Fall foliage on a country road.

Fall Foliage Great Recreation Experience for New Families

Fall Foliage in Northern United States Fall is here in the northern parts of the United States which means it is fall foliage time. In the northern United States, we have four distinct seasons (spring, summer, fall and winter). Each of these seasons are much more prominent as compared to countries and other areas nearer […]

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Manila skyline at night. Find places to make your Philippine hotel reservations using TravelBook.ph

Philippine Hotel Reservations- Review of TravelBookph

About Philippine Hotel Reservations Using TravelBook.ph We found a great travel booking site to specifically to make Philippine hotel reservations. In fact, we like this site because it is a great site for both Filipinos and foreigners to use. In addition, we like this travel booking site so much for making Philippine hotel reservations that […]

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Entrance to Montreal Biodome.

Montreal Biodome- Explore 4 Ecosystems of The Americas

Montreal Biodome Introduction Visit the Montreal Biodome to explore four different ecosystems of the Americas all in one building. This is Part 1 of 3 posts on our recent visit to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Specifically, we saw three sites near the Montreal Olympic Park including: Parts 1- Montreal Biodome 2- Montreal Botanical Garden 3- Montreal […]

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Little league baseball player batting. This is one of the many recreational opportunities for K-2, IR-2 and CR-2 children and teenagers of immigrants

Recreational Opportunities in the USA for Immigrant Children and Teenagers

Introduction to Recreational Opportunities in the USA There are so many recreational opportunities in the USA for children and teenagers in particular. Because there are so many to pick from, you can find the type that benefits your child or teenager the best. Consequently, K-2, IR-2 and CR-2 immigrant children and teenagers should take advantage […]

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