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Dating information for U.S. citizens in a relationship with someone from a foreign country. Advice on how to succeed in a long distance relationship.

A Filipina woman and a man in the Philippines next to a sculpture that says Love with the ocean in the background.

Review of the Top 4 Filipina On-line Dating Sites

Introduction Who is this for This post is for those interested in on-line dating. Particularly, it is especially for those looking to find a soul mate from the Philippines. Hence, we are providing this...

Religeous man with cross necklace hugging his girlfriend and very much in love

Dating when Religion is Important to You

For many people, religion is very important to them. Religion may also be very important to a single person interested in dating and future marriage. How do you meet someone that you may be...

Making and saving extra money

The 12 Things I Did To Earn Or Save Extra Money For Visiting My Love Overseas, Engagement, Wedding, Honeymoon, Visa Costs, And Moving To The USA

There are a lot of costs associated with a long distance relationship including, but not limited to: Visiting to spend time and get to know your partner Air Fare Hotels Ground Travel Food Spending Money...

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Long Distance Relationship- How to Succeed

Long Distance Relationship  In this post, we share our advice, guides and tips to survive in a long distance relationship. A long distance relationship can be a hard and painful relationship, but can be a...

Two people meeting on-line shaking hands coming out of their lap tops.

How We Met through On-line Dating

Written by Kevin & Lea Camara Many people that meet through on-line dating change their story of how they met, but we are proud that we met through on-line dating.  We met on a...