An engagement ring with the title engagement proposal advice for a long distance relationship".

Engagement Proposal Advice for a Long Distance Relationship

Engagement Proposal Advice Today we want to share our engagement proposal advice and recommendation for couples in a long distance relationship. Moreover, our advice is specifically for a U.S. citizen in a relationship with a foreign partner. Check out our 10 tips for engagement proposal advice for a long distance relationship: 1. Get to know […]

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The Philippine government flag.

Philippine K-1 Fiance(e) Government Requirements

Philippine K-1 Fiance(e) Government Requirements The Philippine government only has two requirements for Filipino’s leaving the country to the U.S. as a fiance(e) under a K-1 Visa. Specifically, these Philippine K-1 Fiance(e) government requirements include: Attending a CFO seminar and obtaining a stamp Paying a tourism tax before leaving the Philipines On the contrary, there are […]

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Making and saving extra money

The 12 Things I Did To Earn Or Save Extra Money For Visiting My Love Overseas, Engagement, Wedding, Honeymoon, Visa Costs, And Moving To The USA

There are a lot of costs associated with a long distance relationship including, but not limited to: Visiting to spend time and get to know your partner Air Fare Hotels Ground Travel Food Spending Money Engagement CostsEngagement Ring Dinner or something special Wedding Costs Wedding Dress Bridesmaid Dresses Suits Venue Food Gifts Honeymoon Costs Travel Accommodations […]

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