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Long distance relationships, navigating the U.S. Visa System, and adjusting to new life in the USA.

We Recommend

This resource page lists outstanding services, products, and companies that we recommend, use and/or those we know are very valuable to our readers.

In fact, these are great products or services for long distance relationships, navigating the U.S. Visa System, and adjusting to new life in the USA.

Thus, the great products and services we recommend are easily found all in one place on this page.

As a result, you save thousands of dollars all from this one page!

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below, but these are all products we highly recommend. For this reason, we do not put anything on this page that we have not verified and/or personally used.

Visa Processing Consultant

At Rapid Visa’s office in Manila after Lea passed her spousal visa embassy interview. We recommend Rapid Visa.

If you are looking for a Visa/Immigration Processing Consultant, we recommend using Rapid Visa for this purpose.

A picture of us at the Rapid Visa office in Manila after Lea Passed her Spousal Visa Interview.

Lea, our son and I at Rapid Visa’s office in Manila after Lea passed her Spousal Visa interview.

In fact, RapidVisa is one of the worlds top ranked Visa/Immigration Consulting companies and they can assist you in your IR-1/CR-1 Spousal Visa application for as low as $450 with payment plans as low as $217/month. Overall, RapidVisa is very affordable considering that the government fees are around $1,200 per application. Furthermore, they have over a 90% visa success rate. In addition, they have hundreds of testimonials. After all, approvals are guaranteed or your money back.

Rapid Visa also prepare the following applications beside the IR-1/CR-1 Spousal Visa petition:

  • K-1 Fiance Visa
  • IR-5 Parent Visa
  • Adjustment of Status
  • Removal of Conditions
  • U.S. Naturalization

Click here to start the process.

For this reason, we used RapidVisa’s services for our CR-1 Spousal Visa application petition. As a result, our petition was approved with visa in hand and entered the U.S. within 7 months from the date of application submittal. Furthermore, there were no RFEs during any of the phases.

Finally, if you do chose to create an account with RapidVisa, please use the links above.

Immigration Attorney

Legal Match

Find a Lawyer FREE Now!

To begin with, we did not use a Visa Attorney. Therefore, we do not have any specific contacts for a Visa/Immigration Attorney.  For example, a Visa/Immigration Attorney may be recommended if you have previous legal issues or foresee legal issues in your petition.  For these reasons, if you need an immigration attorney, we recommend that you use Legal Match to find an immigration attorney that is near and/or right for you.

With this in mind, click the link below to search Legal Match for a free search to find for an immigration attorney that is near or suites you.
Need an Immigration Lawyer?

Foreign Visa and U.S. Passport Services


Travel Visa

Since for many countries abroad, planning a visit as a tourist or for short-term business requires you to first obtain a travel visa. For example, visas, which may be small documents or may be stamped into your passport, allow you to enter and exit a country, usually within a specified amount of time. In addition, requirements and application procedures vary per country.

In the first place, the Department of State is a good place to begin to research visa requirements for your travels abroad. Also, an on-line site like VisaHQ.com can assist you with obtaining your visa in a short period of time without a lot of hassle.

Also important, there is no need to stand in line at the consulate, VisaHQ.com will do it for you.

Equally inportant, their secure online application saves time and checks for errors.

In addition, they provide real time status updates that keep you informed.

U.S. Passport

In reality, we agree that getting your passport yourself through the government is the best way.

On the contrary, the passport application processing through U.S. government may take up to six months. As a result, you may want to consider an on-line agency if you are in a hurry.

In fact, VisaHQ.com passport experts submit passport applications directly to the U.S. Passport Agency and can process a new passport, replace lost passport or renew old passport in as little as 48 hours.

Airline Booking

Typically, for airline booking, we use several sites until we find the right flight and price. For this purpose, here are the sites that we recommend.


Flight Deals? No Problem! Find a flight on CheapAir.com


Airfare, Hotels, Rental Cars, Vacation Packages


Get Great Deals on Expedia!

Hotel Booking

For hotel booking, we typically use several sites until we find the right location and price. For this purpose, here are the sites that we recommend.


Airfare, Hotels, Rental Cars, Vacation Packages

Get Great Deals on Expedia!

Vacation Rental


Airbnb: Our preferred way to travel is to stay in short-term rental vacation homes such as airbnb (this will give you a $20 Airbnb coupon code for your next stay). For example, Airbnb vacation home rates are usually comparable or cheaper than a hotel, plus you usually have more room and there is usually a kitchen as well. Also, if you have a lot of people going on vacation with you, you can split a house for a much cheaper price than it would be for everyone to get a hotel room.

We rented an apartment in the Philippines through airbnb for the week before our wedding. In fact, it saved us a ton of money and was a great accommodation.

Great places to stay at travelmob.com

Furthermore, Home Away Asia is also a great site for short-term rental vacation homes.
Over 70,000 holiday homes across Asia. Secure and easy to use. Book here with HomeAway!

Travel Trip and Medical Insurance

For travel trip and medical insurance, we recommend Visitor’s Coverage Insurance.

Trip Insurance

Without doubt, trip insurance takes the stress out of traveling by protecting your trip investment. For example, unforeseen events and emergencies can arise at any time, even while you’re on vacation, resulting in non-refundable trip expenses that may cost you. Also, pre-paid travel expenses such as airfare and hotel accommodations may not be refundable, and you won’t want to pay for flight or hotel change fees in the case that you have to cancel or interrupt your trip. Under those circumstances, trip insurance covers such fees and cancellations, protecting any financial losses that may occur as a result of an unforeseen event.

Travel Medical Insurance

International travel insurance is a travel medical insurance that provides coverage for any unexpected injuries, illnesses, or travel risks while you are traveling abroad. Furthermore, international travel insurance is available for both US and non-US citizens taking a short international trip or living abroad temporarily and is designed to protect travelers from stress and financial burden due to any unforeseen mishaps while traveling outside of their home countries.

Temporary U.S. Health Insurance for Immigrants

K-1 Fiance Visa holders are typically not allowed to join their partner’s insurance until they are married. Also, K-1 Fiance Visa Holders are not allowed to join government insurance until they are married, adjust their status and become a Legal Permanent Resident. IR-1 and CR-1 Spousal Visa holders are allow to join either when they after they enter the U.S., but it may take a few weeks to do so.  In the mean time, we recommend that you fill the gap with private temporary health insurance in case you get sick or hurt.

For this purpose, we recommend Visitor’s Coverage Insurance for temporary health insurance.

For example, choose from a variety of new immigrant insurance plans and green card health insurance plans suitable for individuals, senior citizens, parents & immigrants families who do not qualify for private or domestic US health insurance.

Visitor's Coverage ad for temporary health insurance for green card holders, K-1 Fiance Visa, and IR-1/CR-1 Spousal Visa.



Wills, Power of Attorney, and Living Wills

If you are a new family, it is highly recommended that you get or update a will, power of attorney and a living will. For this purpose, we recommend the following on-line services.


U.S. Legal Wills

Local Attorney

We recommend U.S. Legal Wills.

USLegalWills.com – Write a will, power of attorney or living will (Click here to get 15% off)
Just answer the simple questions to create your legal documents online. In fact, make updates at any time free of charge. above all, their site is lawyer approved, at one-tenth the cost.

Local Attorney
Trust LegalMatch to find you the RIGHT Lawyer!

If you want to strictly use a local attorney for a face to face comfortable feel, find one near you using Legal Match.

Job Search

IR-1 and CR-1 Spousal Visa holders, you are authorized to work as soon as you enter the United States and get your Spousal Visa stamped.

For K-1 Fiance(e) Visa holders, you are eligible to work after you get your Employment Authorization Document (EAD).

Therefore, search Snagajob and jobs by Indeed for job availability in your area

Search and apply for hourly jobs on Snagajob

Apply for Full-Time Jobs on Snagajob


Jobs from Indeed

College Saving


College is expensive in the United States. Therefore, get a head start early and save for their college education while they are young. As a result, by saving early, you can put a real dent in the cost of college.

For this purpose, discover college savings options with Upromise. For example, save for college with the Upromise by grocery shopping, dining out and buying on-line.

Also, open a Goal Saver Account, 529 plans, or other college savings plan through Upromise.

For example, I did this for my older children and saved a significant amount of money that went to their college education. Also, we are using Upromise to save for our youngest child.

Start and grow your child’s college savings with Upromise. Every time you shop online, dine out, or buy groceries through participating partners, you can earn cash back for college. Start a 529 plan. Join for free today.

On-Line Shopping Savings


Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Ebates is the best on-line  shopping cash back app. First, after you sign up, you link your credit or debit card with Ebates. Then, shop through Ebates at your favorite on-line store and earn cash back on your purchases.

In addition, sign up with Ebates HERE through our site, you’ll receive $10 bonus to start in your Ebates account.

Grocery Savings

One way to help make some money for your family is to participate in grocery saving Apps. In fact, these apps give you real cash back for certain the groceries you buy. The cash back grocery apps that we use are IbottaCheckout 51, and Saving Star.

In fact, use all three apps to get more cash back.


Ibotta is a grocery and other on-line purchase cash back app. With Ibotta, you link your grocery store saving card to your account and to save your grocery receipts and scan them on your app.

For example, you earn cash back to your Pay Pal account from your grocery shopping trips when you reach $20 in your account.

Plus, it is really easy!

Plus, if you sign up HERE through our site, you’ll receive $10 to start in your Ibotta account.

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 Offers

Checkout 51 works very similar to Ibotta and gives you cash back on grocery shopping.

Saving Star
SavingStar, Inc. Save on groceries with no clipping and no printing today

Save money for your family on groceries with SavingStar


Checks are expensive to buy through the bank.  For this reason, buy your checks through one of these two on-line stores and save money.

Checks Superstore

Designer Checks
Designer Checks Offer BNTR $5.50 box

Earning Extra Money from Home

K-1 Fiance(e) Visa holders typically cannot work for several months after they arrive in the United States. In fact, they need to wait for their Employment Authorization Document (EAD) before working.

Are you a stay at home mom? Are you a spousal visa holder, but have not found a job yet?

Do you have a job, but have time and want to make some extra money?

In any event, there are other ways to make money for your family from your own home.

For example, use InboxDollars and Swagbucks to work from home to make money for your family.

Making money is easy through these two sites. For example, take surveys, search the web, read emails, watch videos, watch TV and more.

In addition, sign up through each site via our links and you get a $5 sign-up bonus .

Inbox Dollars


Personal Loan/Re-fiance Credit Card Debt at Lower Rate

If you have credit card debt, you are probably have a significantly higher interest than you need. Furthermore, if you refinance the credit card debt through a personal loan, you may be able to cut your interest rate by 75%.

For example, I had some credit card debt paying between around 15 interest. Hence, I refinanced the credit card debt with a personal loan through a company called Sofi and ultimately reduced my interest rate to between 4% – 5%.

In fact, this also saved me about $100 in my monthly payment which I saved toward our expenses listed above. Furthermore, it also put me on a clear path to paying off the debt.

For this purpose, we recommend that if you have credit card debt that you check and see what Sofi can do for you.

In fact, Sofi also offers personal loans at low rates

In addition, sign up with Sofi for an Personal Loan HERE through our site, you’ll receive a $100 bonus check from Sofi.

Student Loan, Parent Loan or Refinance Student Loan

If you have a student loan or a parent plus loan through the Federal student loan program, you have a higher interest than you need. Furthermore, if you refinance the student loan, you may be able to cut your interest rate in half.

For example, I had a parent plus loan through the Federal program and was paying between 8% – 9% interest. Hence, I refinanced the loan through a company called Sofi and ultimately reduced my interest rate to between 4% – 5%.

In fact, this saved me about $100 in my monthly payment which I saved toward our expenses listed above.

For this purpose, we recommend that if you have a student loan or a parent plus loan that you check and see what Sofi can do for you.

In addition, sign up for a Sofi Educational Refinance Loan HERE through our site, you’ll receive a $100 bonus check from Sofi.

Sending Money Overseas

Sending money overseas is a necessity for a long distance relationship, navigating the U.S. Visa Process and for a new immigrant in the U.S.

For example, your partner overseas needs include money for obtaining a passport, passport photos, photo copying, wedding dress, travel and hotels for embassy interview and medical exam, and more.

In fact, a new immigrant eventually sends some money to his or her relatives back home.

With that being the case, we recommend using Western Union or Remitly to send money overseas.

 Western Union

Send money online 24/7 to your friends and family almost anywhere in the world with Western Union.


We use a company called Remitly to send money overseas. As a result, Remitly saved us lots of money on fees for wire transfers.

For example, the fee is typically $0.00 if you can wait a few days for the money to arrive.  On the contrary, if you want the money wired instantly, the cost is only a flat fee of $3.99.

Specifically, the money can be wired into your loved ones bank account, if Remitly has a relation with that bank.  Likewise, the money can also be picked up at many locations.

In Fact, if you sign up with Remitly HERE through our site, you’ll receive a $30 gift card and 5 free transactions, if your first transaction is over $100.

Swimwear for All Occasions

Swimwear is a must for visiting for loved one overseas, especially if your loved one is from a warm weather or tropical climate. Therefore, get swimwear for the beach  Also, the hotel pool and hot tub is waiting.

Furthermore, women love swimwear. Hence, get her or you a bikini, on-piece, board shorts, rash guard, or cover-up.

In addition, swim suits, board shorts and rash guards are available for men.

Also, buy for yourself, your loved one, and as gifts for your loved one’s family.

For this purpose, here are the on-line site that we recommend to buy swimwear.




Hapari Swimwear

Swimwear 2017 Collection Up to 88% Off

Clothing to be Prepared for U.S. Weather

In the event that, your foreign fiance(e), spouse, or child from a warm or tropical climate? It is important to realize, he or she probably does not have the proper clothing for the colder weather in the United States. Be prepared for this by purchasing some clothing for cold weather before they arrive so that they are ready. For example, I did this for my wife and son. Because it took almost eight months to get the visas, I prepared for their arrival by buying a few things at a time each month or pay check. Thus, this gets them started with the proper clothing for colder weather. For example, items they need are:

  • Long sleeve shirts or blouses
  • Sweaters
  • Long pants
  • Fall coat
  • Winter coat
  • Hats
  • Gloves
  • Boots

As a result, we recommend buying clothing on-line through these retailers:


RoseGal.com, Vintage Fashion! Free Shipping Site-wide Worldwide and 30 Days Unconditional Return!

Beautiful Halo
BeautifulHalo Fashion Tops

Sammydress Logo

Warm Coat, Up to 63% off

Blouse House

Fashion Mia
Huge outwear collection with great discount from Fashionmia!! Shop Now!!!


Up To 59% Off Plus Size Clothes

Coupon Code:COZ102, Expire Date:Jan.24th,2017

Walmart On-line

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

Payless for Shoes and Boots
Payless ShoeSource

School Clothing

Seeing that you are the sponsor, having proper school clothing ready for any K-2 or IR-2/CR-2 children coming is a real necessity.

With this in mind, find school clothes at these on-line stores.

Back To School Sale! UP to 60% OFF! Free Shipping! Ready to Be Stunning!

Walmart On-line

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

Payless for Shoes and Boots

Payless ShoeSource

On-Line Dating

Are you still searching for your perfect match?  In the hope that you find your perfect match, try these sites to find the perfect match for you.

Filipino Cupid

Asian Dating

Christian Filipina
Christian Filipina Asian Ladies Dating 468x60 banner

Cherry Blossoms

Christian Cafe

Meet Christian Singles - Free Trial!

Catholic Match

Fancy WEdding

Engagement and Wedding Rings

In the first place, do you want a unique one of a kind engagement ring and wedding rings at a low price? With this in mind, save money and get unique one of a kind rings through these on-line stores.


10% off all Personalized Rings

Anjay Designs

Apples of Gold


Wedding & Brides Maid Dresses

Equally important, uniquely made wedding and bridesmaid dresses are a must for your beautiful wedding. Also, dresses don’t have cost a lot to be beautiful. With this in mind, save money by buying your wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses on-line through these sites.

Beautiful Halo

Wedding Dresses on Sale at BeautifulHalo.com, Buy More & Save More
Awesome Wedding Gloves, Veils & More Wedding Bridal Accessories.
Find the Best Bridal Accessories @ BeautifulHalo.com, Low Cost, Fast Ship. Click Here!

Also, view 1,000+ Bridesmaid Dresses & Gowns Up to 52% OFF. Low Cost, Fast Ship, Shop Now!


Groom Clothing

On the whole, your groom clothing can be stunning and not cost a ton of money. Consequently, save money by purchasing stunning and low cost groom clothing on-line through these sites.

Linen Suites for Tropical, Summer or Beach Weddings by Men’s USA
Summer Suits, Linen

Wedding Suits

Mens Wedding Suits, Suits, Mens wear, Wedding wear for mens

Tuxedo Closeouts

Wholesale tuxedos at www.tuxedocloseouts.com

Wedding Accessories

For the purpose of your unique wedding accessory needs, we recommend buying through My  Wedding Favors or Beautiful Halo. Consequently, save money by purchasing fantastic and low cost wedding accessories on-line through these sites.

My Wedding Favors

Personalized Wedding Favors – Explicitly, this is a creative way to make your reception tables that much more intimate.

Beautiful Halo


Of course intimates makes your occasion sexy and special. With this intention, buy intimates for your loved one. For instance, buy for vacation, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, wedding night, honeymoon or any special occasion. Therefore, save money by purchasing sexy and low cost intimates on-line through these sites.


Coupon Code:BAB927, Expire Date:Dec.28th,2016



Something Trendy
Something Trendy Clothing

Free Shipping Sexy Lingerie 250*250


For traveling on your own, with significant other or family, but wanting a guided tour, we recommend Ritz Tours.